Role of the Cabin Clean Water Filter in Urban Communities

No one drinks the piped water in:

  • Mexico and Central America
  • Caribbean
  • South America
  • Africa (all)
  • Asia (except for Singapore, Japan)
  • Pacific Islands
  • Eastern Europe 
  • Middle East

There are few exceptions.

Dependency on bottled water can be eliminated using the Cabin Clean Water Filter.

The filter treats 12 Litres per hour.

Cost of safe drinking water is negligible using the filter.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter will last a lifetime.


Tap water is unsafe when:

  • The water is not available on a continuous basis.
  • Distribution systems lose their pressure.
  • Electrical power is not reliable.
  • Home or apartment water storage is necessary.
  • Water is delivered by truck or other means.
  • Alternative water supply is a private well.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter can solve the safe water problem.

Wealthy and poor benefit from its use.


Urban water supplies may be contaminated with parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Chlorine will kill bacteria and viruses but not parasites.

The Cabin Clean  Water Filter will remove parasites from chlorinated or unchlorinated water.

Any bacteria or viruses remaining after filtration will be killed by post filtration disinfection.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter is: effective, inexpensive, compact, rugged, attractive, easy to use, doesn't use electricity and doesn't have parts that need replacement.  


Urban water treatment using the Cabin Clean Water Filter

It is a fact that most of the water available from piped supplies in urban communities is unsafe to drink because of the presence of disease causing organisms - particularly parasites.  Even chlorinated water is unsafe.  Most cities in North America, Western Europe, Japan and Singapore are exceptions.   Tanks storing delivered water typically become contaminated and the water is not safe even if the delivered water was originally safe.   When water is available the water pressure is insufficient to use most of the point-of-use treatment equipment normally available without using booster pumps.  Typically,the other treatment equipment is manually operated, expensive, doesn't adequately treat the water, produces very little water, is high maintenance, and may not have adequate technical support. 


Bottled water is not a solution - it is expensive and awkward to use.  Plastic bottles may not be recycled or may be reused and filled with unsafe water.  It is not uncommon for bottled water to be unsafe - despite claims to the contrary.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter is the ideal water treatment solution in ALL urban situations - wealthy and disadvantaged - all piped water and most privately owned wells.   Davnor Water Filters Ltd. is currently pursuing business relationships to facilitate the marketing of the Cabin Clean Water Filter in these environments.