Corporate Social Responsibility - cabin clean water filter

The Cabin Clean Water Filter provides corporations to make truly far-reaching, significant long-term benefits to the community.

Become a part of the community.  

They will get to know you and like you.

Opportunity to help employees in a meaningful way.


Clean water is absolutely fundamental to human health and well being.

By providing clean, safe drinking water you improve the health of the people.

Lower infant mortality.

The people will know who to thank.


Provision of the Cabin Clean Water Filter is an economical, efficient, and important way to engage with the community.

Corporations can implement projects themselves.

The Cabin Clean Water Filters are a legacy to the community.


Cabin clean water Filter - Corporate Social Responsibility


The Cabin ‘Clean Water Filter’ provides corporations working within or next to disadvantaged communities, rural or urban, with the ability to make a significant, long-term contribution to their health and wellness by providing safe drinking water. This opportunity to contribute to social well-being is of particular interest to mining, oil and gas, pipeline, consulting / contracting and forestry industries operating in remote areas where they would find their public relations efforts acknowledged and greatly appreciated by the local community and governments alike.

Other opportunities are natural disaster relief and humanitarian aid.  It possible to fund emergency supply depots able to react in a timely fashion.


Water filter projects using the Cabin ‘Clean Water Filter’ can be implemented by corporations themselves with minimum third-party support (e.g., government or local NGOs). This provides corporations with great opportunities to interact with the local population in a positive way providing maximum public relations benefit.

The fact is ALL businesses, worldwide, have an opportunity, and perhaps a responsibility, to contribute to the wellbeing  of our global community.