Emergency Water Treatment - in the country or city

Safe drinking water when you need it.

Every home should have a backup water treatment system.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter produces 12 L/h. 

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com 

The Cabin Clean Water Filter provides backup emergency water treatment when there are:

- Wind storms

- Hurricanes

- Floods

- Freezing rain

- Treatment plant failures

- Distribution system failure

- Delivery failures

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com  

Inexpensive water treatment backup for homes, apartments, cities or municpalities.

- Eliminate dependency on bottled water

- No electrical power required

- Proven technology

- Used as required

- Compact - light weight

- Rugged

- Unlimited shelf-life

- Simple to use and maintain

- No replacement parts

- Maximize use of emergency support

- Lifetime purchase

The Cabin Clean Water Filter is an ideal emergency water filter able to supply safe drinking water as long as necessary.

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com 

Emergency Water Treatment

The Cabin Clean Water Filter provides the opportunity for effective, inexpensive emergency water supply in homes in the city or country without the reliance on bottled water.