Purchasing Cabin Clean Water Filters

Individual Filters

Canada C $250

plus all shipping and handling costs, GST and PST where applicable.

All international sales US $250 plus all shipping and handling costs, 


Note that purchase price includes all items in the Basic Kit (including media) as outlined in Basic Kit download in Description.  and as shown in photo below.

PayPal and bank transfer available.  Money orders acceptable.

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com 

Email contact: davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com

We do not have any competitors that can deliver the same quantity and quality of potable water from the same water supplies as the Cabin Clean Water Filter without use of electricity or any other power supply.  

Remember, the Cabin Clean Water Filter is simple to maintain and doesn't require replacement media, cartridges or any other parts.

It is very important to contact us to confirm both price and shipping costs.

Container Quantities

Negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Price can be as low as US $125 per filter.  

Note that the filters are ALWAYS supplied with media.  

Minimum quantity for discounts is 500 filters.  

See:  Business Opportunities

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com