A water filter to make safe drinking water in camp or Lodge

Produce Drinking Water On-Site

The Cabin Clean Water Filter will eliminate silt, parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com 

12 L/h per filter

Ideal water filter for:

               - hunting camps

               - fishing camps

               - hiking/ trekking camps

               - recreational 

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com  

The Cabin Clean Water Filter is Ideal for Camps

The water filter is

- Effective in producing safe drinking water

- Light weight

- Portable

- Rugged

- Simple to use

- No need for electricity

- Used as required

- Lasts a life-time

- Inexpensive

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com 

Camp water filter

If water is available at your camp site, you can treat it to a quality safe for drinking.  There is no need to pack-in or fly-in safe water supplies. See download below for details.