A water filter designed to provide humanitarian aid

One Cabin Clean Water Filter can produce more than 120 Litres of safe drinking water per day (60 people)

Able to treat surface or well water.

Cost effective solution to provision of safe drinking water.

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com 

A Water Filter that:

Removes silt, parasites, bacteria and viruses (safe drinking water).

The performance of the water filter has been verified by independent testing.

Has unlimited shelf life - can be stockpiled indefinitely - available when needed.

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com  

The Cabin Clean Water Filter: Proven Technology

  • Compact.
  • Light weight.
  • Rugged.
  • Manually operated.
  • No electricity needed.
  • Quickly set up and commissioned.
  • Minimal user training required.

Email:  davidmanz@cabincleanwaterfilter.com  

Role of the Cabin Clean Water Filter - humanitarian aid

The Cabin Clean Water Filter was designed to provide humanitarian aid in the aftermath of a humanitarian crisis where the provision of safe drinking water is important.   While assistance may be provided while people remain in their communities, they are often forced to gather into random or well organized camps.  Either way the provision of sufficient water and safe water for drinking remain a challenge.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter replaces the need for bottled water and high tech or complex water treatment solutions.  When distributed to individual families or groups of families, the onus is on them to produce safe drinking water when they need it with little or no additional costs to the supporting agencies.