Description of Cabin Clean Water Filter, Background, Components and Design

The Cabin ‘Clean Water Filter’ or CWF is a variation of the BioSand Water Filter or BSF technology in use around the world for more than twenty-five years, (See and previously commercialized by Davnor Water Treatment Technologies Ltd. (now defunct).  Inspiration for the development of the BSF resulted from experiences in Kwazulu South Africa in 1988 and the Philippines in 1989.  The unique design of the CWF results from critical evaluation of experiences with the BSF technology from consumer, manufacturer, distributor and marketing perspectives, a focussed investigation of basic filter design, and independent performance evaluation studies. The depth of the filter media has been significantly decreased relative to that recommended for the BioSand Water Filter (to that used in original laboratory work in the University of Calgary) resulting in a shorter, light weight filter. The rational for using the depth of media originally recommended for use in the BSF is described in   The CWF is cleaned using surface agitation (similar to the BSF).   Impaired filter performance resulting from media compaction (when moving filter) or attempting to filter water with excessively high concentration of suspended solids can be easily restored.  

The downloads provide an overview of the Cabin Clean Water Filter and its capabilities, a description of the various components included in the basic kit provided with purchase and a discussion of the elements considered in its design.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter as presently designed can meet Davnor's vision to provide ' Safe Water for the World'.  

This website describes how this is achieved.   Your participation is welcome.