Use of the Cabin Clean Water Filter in Rural communities

The Cabin Clean Water Filter can produce 12 L/h of Safe Drinking Water.


  • Lakes
  • Rivers and streams
  • Irrigation canals
  • Dams and ponds
  • Wells - shallow hand dug or  deep borehole
  • Springs
  • Captured rainwater or melted snow
  • Piped water (chlorinated or unchlorinated)
  • Trucked and stored water
  • Delivered water


A Rural Water Treatment Solution

Who can implement/ help?

  • Governments
  • NGO's
  • International Aid
  • Private Sector - multilevel marketing
  • Business - corporate social responsibility

Significant opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Empower community to solve their problem.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter Removes:

  • Silt
  • Guinea worm
  • Parasites (giardia, cryptosporidium, amoeba, schistosomiasis - all parasites)
  • Fungal spores
  • Bacteria (including vibrio cholera)
  • Viruses


The Cabin Clean Water Filter lasts a lifetime!

The water filter is:


Easy to operate and maintain

Manually operated

Electricity not required

No chemicals except for final disinfection


Light weight



No replacement parts

Requires minimal technical support


Rural water treatment using the cabin clean water filter

It is safe to say that ALL water supplies in rural areas, worldwide, require some form of treatment to be made safe for human consumption and rendered aesthetically pleasing.  As populations have grown and humans have colonized the most remote regions of the earth they have brought with them disease causing organisms.  There is no bottled water and it is definitely not a solution anyway.   Consequently, rural populations are most vulnerable to water borne diseases of all kinds.  The problem is complicated by the lack of availability or affordability of effective medical assistance.

It is often very difficult or even impossible for governments to help rural populations resolve their water crisis and the people must continue to cope.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter enables governments to reach out to rural communities and provide them safe drinking water, maximize the use of available water supplies, and to  integrate the provision of this essential community service into a meaningful, manageable government program.  Clearly, there are many opportunities for non-governmental organisations, international aid agencies and the private sector to assist with funds or skills.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter is designed to be sold in the most remote, simple business situations - village markets and roadside kiosks.   The knowledge and skill sets of the people are sufficient.  They can be responsible technical representatives with minimal outside support.   The Cabin Clean Water Filter does not need to be expensive - people will buy a filter if it is available for sale.

The unique characteristics of the  Cabin Clean Water Filter make it an effective and affordable solution to the often incredibly challenging problem of providing safe water to rural populations.