Production of Safe Drinking water in Survival Situations

Quickly produce lots of safe drinking water for :

- Drinking

- Cooking

- Personal hygiene

A water filter that can eliminate dependency on bottled water.


12 L/h per filter

Simple chemical treatment systems don't do the job.

Other treatment methods can't produce enough safe drinking water.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter can produce sufficient safe water for drinking, cooking and hygiene using available water supplies.


Inexpensive water filter that does the job.

The Cabin Clean Water Filter is:

  - Effective

  - Manually operated - electricity or pressure are not required

  - Used as needed

  - Compact, light weight, easily stored - portable

  - Rugged

  - Unlimited shelf life

  - Simple to use and maintain

  - Unlimited useful life

  - No replacement parts 


Treat available water to safe drinking water quality

The Cabin Clean Water Filter is designed to treat water in survival situations.   The filter can be stored as long as required without loss of performance.  It can be placed into operation in a matter of minutes.  Operation is simple.  Maintenance is minimal.  There are no components that will ever require replacement.